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Dealer Principal

Gary Mancer

Franchise Dealer Principal

Basil Green Edenvale – We know all there is to know about Ford and Mazda.

Our Dealer Principal, Gary Mancer, has a substantial amount of experience and knowledge of the motor industry. Sewells awarded Gary with “Business Man of the Year” with Ford, to applaud him for his expertise within the motor industry. With that experience and knowledge, Gary’s point of view and the way he operates his business is all focused on people - customers’ vehicle needs, customers’ vehicle desires, customers’ budget and fostering a long term relationship with customers. Our team are happy in their position and within their environment. We deliver purely by having a customer-focused team, who will supply you with everything you require to make a sound and informed decision when purchasing your Ford or Mazda vehicle. Basil Green Edenvale has over thirty years of experience in delivering automotive solutions and services to the general public and to local businesses.

We cater for all your Ford and Mazda needs, be it purchasing a new or used vehicle, looking for specific part or booking your vehicle in for a service. Basil Green Edenvale will make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

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